Friday, September 18, 2015

A new, very timely lecture has been added to our Fall Schedule.
Wednesday, September 30    2:00-4:00
     In light of the crisis facing Europe and the West caused by migrants fleeing Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, this talk will explain the legal process in place to address the crisis.
  The law applicable to most of Europe and the United States is based on the United Nations Convention on Refugees of 1951. The standards for being granted asylum and the process one goes through to obtain asylum and relocation to one of the signatories of the convention, which include the United States and most of Europe, will be discussed.
   The speaker will give examples of refugees he has represented from Syria, Iran, Crimea and Afghanistan in similar proceedings in U.S. Immigration Court.  The concept of Temporary Protected States (TPS) as opposed to asylum will also be discussed.

PRESENTER: William Hoffmann, JD, PhD. is Senior Counsel with the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network in Atlanta.

Cost:  $25 members/$35 non-members
Coordinator: Ed Mawyer